Etoile "La boutique": The House of Stars

Etoile La boutique The House of Stars.JPG

Only 3 months after drawing the curtains to undertake an inspired metamorphosis, the Etoile "La boutique" flagship store in Mall of the Emirates is ready to reclaim the Middle Eastern retail fashion scene. To celebrate almost 10 years since the region was first introduced to the ground breaking shopping destination, this iconic rendez-vous has just gone through a unique, beautifying reinvention.

Dedicated to a multi-faced woman and her daily changing needs, Etoile "La boutique" now echoes the Seven Wonders of the (Fashion) World, by introducing seven distinct spaces under one roof, each designed to deliver an exclusive, chic experience.

The store showcase has been re-designed to give the ideal space to contemporary brands, established designer collections and red carpet evening ensembles. To complement these signature sartorial plateaus, bags, shoes, and jewels have been given dedicated walls and bigger spaces.

The new Etoile "La boutique" concept, revised by its founder and curator Ingie Chalhoub, aims to write a new chapter in the ongoing tale of style: "I wanted to create a house of stars. 'la galaxie des Etoiles', almost a sartorial walk of fame, where every woman and every garment is treated as a star. I wanted to build up our retail space enhancing our warm DNA with new design elements and luxury materials"

Marble and antique brass displays now complement exclusively designed brown parquet. White fiberglass has been introduced for the walls of the contemporary design room, while real gold leaves have been intricately placed on the walls of the eveningwear room to form a delicate geometric pattern. Every element has been specially handcrafted for the new boutique, culminating in a completely bespoke environment.

British designer, Giles Miller, has supported the re-interpretation of the splendid décor, designing a bespoke "stars gateway"; an innovative, impactful sea of metal stars that adorn the lighting fixtures and entrance way to the boutique and welcome customers to the brand new fashion galaxy.

Items from the boutique's heritage, such as the "Caryatides" sculptures and the exclusively patterned carpet, retain the artistic aura that Etoile "La boutique" is renowned for as well as act as a link between the pioneering boldness of the first store and the new, enhanced retail vision.

The unveiling of the "Maison des Etoiles" ushers in a new era for the region's original luxury multi-brand boutique. Combining its distinctive warmth and opulence with innovative architectural design, the new Etoile "La boutique" Mall of the Emirates presents the style savvy with a unique, modern and distinctively Etoile one-stop luxury destination.