Fashionistas become Magazine Editors to Illustrate ‘What’s Hot Now’ at Etoile

Fashionistas become Magazine Editors to Illustrate Whats Hot Now at Etoile.jpg

Sizzling Spring/Summer couture and accessories tempted VIP clients, fashionistas and the style press who came in throngs to the Etoile "La boutique’’  much-anticipated ‘What’s Hot Now’ event at the beautiful Mall of Emirates store on Monday the 9th of April, from 6-8 pm.

Etoile ’’La boutique’’ always leads the way when it comes to trends; it showcases the best pieces from international runways, highlighting up-and-coming, cutting-edge designers as well as established, big-name brands. When it comes to fashion, Etoile ‘’La boutique’’ is always ahead of the rest of the pack and this innovative event was no different; it gave fashion-focused fans the opportunity to transform themselves into fashion editors for the day

Thrilled guests channeled their inner creativity taking full advantage of the meticulously appointed stations, each revolving around one of the three trends, that featured Etoile La boutique's painstakingly picked pieces and accessories that fit in with the theme, a stylist to offer advice and guidance, a model to dress and a Polaroid camera to instantaneously capture the final look that they could then stick on the magazine-style mood board.

Guests agreed that their aspirations of being part of the glamorous world of fashion had been fulfilled as Etoile “La boutique” gave them an insight into putting together looks featuring the season’s latest trends, all in the sumptuous surroundings of the exclusive boutique.